Your Care Group: Everything you need to know

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Welcome to your Care Group page. 

Here you can manage the people and places associated with your company. 

So whether you have just one location with a few colleagues or multiple locations and many team members, you can keep track of them all here. 

If you’re not already on the Care Group page, you can access it by clicking the heading in the left hand ‘Management’ menu - see image below. 

Your Care Group

The first card on the Care Group page shows the Users associated with your company who are in charge of managing requests and other permissions on your profile. 

The columns at the top of the Users card help you identify which team members are using Sweet Pea as well as what they are able to do on the platform. 

When you click to ‘Edit user details’ you’ll get a pop up in which you can edit details such as name and email, as well as permissions. 

‘Permissions’ refers to the actions that each logged in team member can perform relating to your company profile. 

Some people may have permission to perform all actions, while others may only have very limited access. 

Just click the tick boxes to check or uncheck them from each team member’s profile and click ‘Edit Details’ to save changes.

Add a New Colleague 

To add a new colleague, click the button below the Users card, and another pop up will appear. 

Fill in the details and permissions that you want this team member to have. Then ‘Add To Group’ - see image below.

Your Care Locations 

Let’s move onto the next card on the Care Group page - Your Care Locations. 

This section is where you can search for and claim locations within your Care Group. 

For example, if you have five registered locations across England, you can find them all here. 

Each location may have different team members managing permissions but is part of your company's Care Group and Provider profile 

In the three columns on the Your Care Locations card - In Group, Claim Under Review and All Locations - you can view, claim and remove locations from your group.

In Group

First let’s look at the ‘In Group’ tab. Here you’ll see all of the locations that you have searched for and claimed as yours. They are in your group, as shown in the ‘Status’ column. 

To view more rows per page click the arrow next to the number to see a view of 5, 10 or 25 rows per page. 

Use the < > arrows to navigate between pages of Your Care Locations. 

You’ll see the Name of each location as well as the Location, which is the address registered with the CQC.

If you need to remove a location from your group, simply click the vertical 3 dots in the ‘Actions’ column and then ‘Remove location from group’ - see image below. 

Claim Under Review 

Next, let’s look at locations in the ‘Claim Under Review’ tab. 

Here you’ll see any locations which have been claimed by a member of your team, but not yet approved by a Sweet Pea admin. 

Claims yet to be approved will appear in this tab with a yellow highlight in the ‘Status’ column.

You can Approve or Reject the action to Add Location to your Care Group.

All locations

Now for the All Locations tab, which offers a search function to find and claim your Care Locations. 

Type the name of your company into the search bar ensuring spellings are correct. 

This will bring up a database of home care providers registered with the CQC. 

Any ‘Unclaimed’ locations will be highlighted in grey in the Status column - see image below. 

Please do not attempt to claim businesses that are not related to your care company. 

If you are successful in claiming your company, it will show up in red as ‘Claimed’ in the ‘Status’ column, and any awaiting confirmation will show up in yellow as ‘Claim Under Review’.

Need more information?

This guide covers everything on the Care Group page for Care Providers. 

If you need support to navigate your Care Dashboard or Care Locations, follow the links to our relevant guides. [ADD LINKS]

For any enquiries or further support using our platform, submit a ticket via our helpdesk.

Thank you for choosing Sweet Pea and supporting our mission to help older people access the support they need to live well in the home they love for longer. 

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