Your Care Dashboard: A Complete Guide

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Your Care Dashboard is the centre of your Sweet Pea activities, where you can manage your Care Requests, Care Conversations and view your high level analytics. 

We designed Sweet Pea to help families streamline the process of finding care for their loved ones, providing simple solutions for what can often be a complex journey. 

As a care partner with Sweet Pea, you’ll have access to people looking for care right now, giving you quality leads that are matched to the services you provide.

We’ll also help you track your profile’s performance and offer suggestions on how to get more referrals through Sweet Pea. 

Here is everything you need to know to get the most out of your Care Dashboard. 

Care dashboard overview

The Care Dashboard is your one-stop-shop for everything to do with Care Requests and Care Conversations. 

If you’re not already on the Care Dashboard, you can open it via clicking it in the left hand menu. 

Receiving a Care Request 

A Care Request is similar to a care enquiry. 

It outlines the care requirements of a loved one and details such as when they want care to begin and the days/times.

New Care Requests are listed in the ‘Open Care Requests’ section.

In the top row of this card, you’ll see acronyms related to funding categories. You can filter your Care Requests by funding categories by clicking the relevant header.

Here’s a quick reminder of the acronyms we use for each funding status: 

  • All:  All care requests across funding categories

  • Self: Self funders

  • LA: Local Authority funded


  • LA+: Local Authority with top up payment


  • NHS CH: NHS Continuing Healthcare 

In the second row you’ll see the different categories of information provided in each Care Request, including:

  • Funding: How they will pay for care

  • Location: Postcode where care is needed

  • Services requested: Services the customer is looking for for their loved one

Colour coding

Services listed in green show a perfect Care Match, while any in grey flag a service that the customer has requested but you don’t currently offer. 

While this won't harm your profile ranking, we’ve included it so you can see what customers are looking for when requesting care.  

When looking at the overview of Open Care Requests you’ll be able to see which ones you have opened in the Care Review column. 

As well as when you last made updates to the Care Request in the Last Updated column.

Unopened Care Requests will not show a tick in the Care Review column and will show as a grey circle. 

Review a Care Request

To review a Care Request, click on the three vertical dots under the Actions column to open an actions menu - then click Review Request. 

This will take you to a detailed information page, outlining the care requirements generated through the Care Request - see image below. 

You can now review the information to decide whether you are able to help the customer.

Click the back button at the bottom of the review to return to the dashboard overview. 

If you need to revisit the Care Request at any time, just re-click Review Request.

Status update

A blue tick will automatically appear in the Care Review column when you have reviewed the Care Request. 

Accepting a Care Request

To accept a Care Request and start a Care Conversation with the customer, click the three vertical dots under the Action column and action ‘Start Conversation’’.

This means you have accepted the Care Request and this action will automatically send a message to the customer letting them know you have accepted. 

The contact details they provided when they sent the Care Request will now automatically be shared with you. 

And that’s it! You have now accepted your first Care Request and are ready to get into a Care Conversation. 

Declining a Care Request

If you are unable to meet the needs of a customer at this time, all you have to do is decline the Care Request. 

You can action this by clicking the same three vertical dots in the Action column and ‘Decline Request’. 

The customer will receive a message saying that you’ve declined and will be redirected to their Care Matches. 

When you decline a Care Request, the customer’s contact details will not be shared with you and they will end the Care Conversation. 

Care Conversation

Now let's look at the second card on your Care Provider Dashboard - the Open Care Conversations.

This card allows you to see all the Care Conversations you have in process, as well as filter them by ‘Read’, ‘Unread’, and ‘Awaiting Client’. 

 The overview shows customer details such as their name and the loved one they are organising care for. 

You can see how many messages have been exchanged in the conversation, and how long it’s been since the last update. 

What happens in a Care Conversation? 

For a full overview of Care Conversations check out our comprehensive guide here.

Conversation Analytics 

As well as Care Requests and your Care Conversations, the Care Dashboard also provides comprehensive data to help you understand your Care Matches. 

Our analytics will help you understand your top Care Matches, see what services are most requested and enable you to keep on track of your conversation status.

Understand how customers are interacting with your profile through ‘Key Visibility Indicators’ such as ‘Added to Favourites’ and ‘Enquiries’. 

Check how long it takes to respond to Care Requests or view ‘Enquiry Conversions’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’ rates in the ‘Key Engagement Indicators’ card. 

Need more information?

This guide covers everything on the Care Dashboard page for Providers. 

If you need support to navigate your Care Group, Care Locations or Care Conversations, follow the links to our relevant guides. 

For any enquiries or further support using our platform, submit a ticket via our helpdesk.

Thank you for choosing Sweet Pea and helping us on our mission to lessen the stress of finding care for families and help older people access the support they need to live well in the home they love for longer. 

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