Care Conversations: Message directly with families

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Congratulations on beginning a Care Conversation with a new family! 

By engaging with this process, you've already helped someone have a less stressful experience of finding care, and we hope that you will be able to successfully support their loved one to continue living well at home. 

How to access your Care Conversations?

Care Conversations happen when you have reviewed and accepted a Care Request. 

Your Open Care Requests can be found in the first card of your Care Dashboard under Open Care Requests. 

To open and review a Care Request, click the three vertical dots and Review Request.


This will take you to the information provided by the customer about their loved one needing care. 

Click Back when you've finished reading the details. This will take you back to your Care Dashboard, where you'll now see a blue tick next to the Open Care Request, indicating that you have reviewed it. 

Review the request as many times as you like, and when you're ready click Start Conversation.

Starting a conversation with the customer means that you are accepting the Care Request to find out more details. 

It does not mean that you have agreed care. 

What happens in a Care Conversation? 

A Care Conversation is a record of all the details the customer has provided in the Care Request. 

They have been sent to you as a result of the customer starting a Care Conversation with you. 

The Care Conversation is a set of automated messages from the customer to you, the provider. 

Initially, it sends all the essential details of the person needing care that were gathered in the Care Request.

This includes what they are known as, their age, their postcode and how they are funding care. 

You can ee all of the details from the Care Request on the right hand side of the page. 

The Care Conversation will also include the services that have been requested for their care needs. 

Followed by a standard message that reads 'Do you have capacity to help?'

As you have reviewed the request and entered the conversation with them, the customer will see a message that confirms you have accepted their Care Request. 

Now their name and contact details will be shared with you, so you can chat in more detail about organising care for their loved one.


If you need more information about care needs then you can ask questions directly in the care conversation and continue with the conversation.

Ending the conversation

After successfully making contact and organising care, let us know by clicking the ‘Confirm Care Started’ button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have successfully organised care to start you can close the Care Conversation. 

If the customer confirms that care has started then an automated message will be sent to confirm this in the chat. 

If, for any reason, you are unable to follow through with the request and no care is organised, please click the ‘Decline Request’ button to let us know. 

You can now close the Care Conversation.

Need more information? 

Head to our Knowledge Base for Care Partners for more guides to your Care Dashboard, Care Group and Care Locations. 

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